Tuesday Night Is The Last Night Of Teaching!

Emily & Makaila were invited to the home of a newly wedded couple where they enjoyed a delicious meal & played karaoke.

Emily giving her story/testimony.

A Visit To GEM's Youth Camp!

Today we were able to visit the GEM camp where 
our team leader's Larry & Sue were for over 10 years.

It is a Christian camp for teens, kids & families 
to come to & stay for a week during the summer. 


Definite Prayer Need!

Today we are teaching our 2nd to last lesson. 
Four of the teachers are tutoring for an hour 
each day. We have been writing journals to 
reach a personal relationship with our students. 
Some of our students have told us that they 
do not believe in God. Please pray that we 
can reach them through the journals. 

We also had 1 teacher, Ann, share her 
story/testimony with the students. 

Please pray that we reach the students hearts. 

A Girona Street Scene!

We all went to church this morning. Then Emily & Makaila were invited to the home of a newly wedded couple where they enjoyed a delicious meal & played karaoke. Then we were all able to relax at the end of the day at a missionary's home.


Our GEM Team!

Our Team visiting Town of Girona before classes begin! This is where the Jews were incarcerated and persecuted before they were sent to Germany. 

Dorene talking to a street musician outside 
the cathedral in Girona.

This is the Farmer's Market!


Wednesday's Work!

Some start the day by hiking up hill to the local castle while other more reasonable souls stayed in bed.  Our official day starts with team devotions and announcements.  Remember the old camp song  “Announcements, announcements, announcements—a terrible death to talk to death a terrible death to die!” (Click on Pic to Enlarge!)

The remaining morning hours are for preparation and journaling.  Each student writes a journal entry and a team member personally responds.  “But I don’t speak Spanish and certainly not Catalan,” one team member wailed. And lo, Ruth appears to translate journal entries of beginning students from Catalan to English.  Ruth is a resident missionary who speaks English, Spanish and Catalan.  We all adore her.

The best part of lunch at a local cafe was crème brulee. A truly great custom, this leisurely lunch, but what happened to siesta?

Some tutor students while  others prepare for future events. Great relationships in the making.

Dinner comes in great style sometimes American and sometimes Catalan.

Students arrive at 7PM greeted with joy then lessons proceed with English grammar,  reading and live theater.  Mystery on Elm Street.  Who stole the candlestick? The official day ends with a birthday party for a team member.  Celebrated with chocolate and pastries. 

The day may be done, but who sleeps? Not this one.  

Laura tutoring!


Our Ministry Leaders!

We are so fortunate to have Jordi & Ruth Torres as our ministry leaders here in Banyoles. They help us in many ways and are now helping us translate the beginners journal which enables us to share the gospel with beginner students. Pray that these students hearts are open to Jesus Christ.


First Day Of Classes!

Our first night of classes went very well! Our students were great and we enjoyed meeting them all. They made some funny observations about our different accents. The skit for group time is a mystery story that will continue throughout the week. Some of our team members even made their acting debuts! Overall, it was a great day! Two participants in the skit - a mystery story written by the Pastor's Wife - on the left is their son who played the part of a police officer with his uncle Tim who was visiting from Liberia where he is a Professor of History. 

In the center of the picture is a visiting actress 
(wearing a hat) from Hollywood! To her immediate 
left is Larry - GEM missionary who plays the villain 
(indicated by wording on his t-shirt)! Click on Pic for Enlargement!

Our day started off with a team devotional 
in Nehemiah, led by Sue. We talked about 
how Nehemiah's heart was broken for the 
people around him and how he dealt with 
opposition to his mission to build the wall. 
He knew that God would fight on their behalf, 
but he also made sure his people were armed. 
We related this to our mission here and the 
spiritual armor described in Ephesians. 

Immediately after this devotional, Jordi and Ruth, 
the missionaries here, told us all about their back-
ground with this church and about the Catalan 
Culture. We quickly found that our devotional 
was quite relevant. They explained to us that 
there is a lot of witchcraft and demonic/satanic 
worship in this area. In fact, the "mascot" for 
Catalunia is a witch. We would love for you to 
be praying against the darkness here! We also 
learned that the Catholic culture is prevalent 
but few are actual practicing Catholics. 
Additionally, there are many Muslims here.


Sunday Evening! (Click on Pic To Enlarge)

After our night of needed sleep, we enjoyed 
our first church service at Centre Cristia FEAM.

The guess speaker from Germany spoke in English 
just for us, which we appreciated.

He taught from 2 Samuel 7:1-17.

We learned about having a house 
versus having a home & where does 
Christ abide.

After that we had a nice Chinese lunch, yes we are 
in Spain. Then we all enjoyed Gelats for dessert!

Now we are finishing the day with a prayer walk 
for the Catalans & the town, and preparing our 
lessons for tomorrow.     

After Church & Before Classes Start!