First Day Of Classes!

Our first night of classes went very well! Our students were great and we enjoyed meeting them all. They made some funny observations about our different accents. The skit for group time is a mystery story that will continue throughout the week. Some of our team members even made their acting debuts! Overall, it was a great day! Two participants in the skit - a mystery story written by the Pastor's Wife - on the left is their son who played the part of a police officer with his uncle Tim who was visiting from Liberia where he is a Professor of History. 

In the center of the picture is a visiting actress 
(wearing a hat) from Hollywood! To her immediate 
left is Larry - GEM missionary who plays the villain 
(indicated by wording on his t-shirt)! Click on Pic for Enlargement!

Our day started off with a team devotional 
in Nehemiah, led by Sue. We talked about 
how Nehemiah's heart was broken for the 
people around him and how he dealt with 
opposition to his mission to build the wall. 
He knew that God would fight on their behalf, 
but he also made sure his people were armed. 
We related this to our mission here and the 
spiritual armor described in Ephesians. 

Immediately after this devotional, Jordi and Ruth, 
the missionaries here, told us all about their back-
ground with this church and about the Catalan 
Culture. We quickly found that our devotional 
was quite relevant. They explained to us that 
there is a lot of witchcraft and demonic/satanic 
worship in this area. In fact, the "mascot" for 
Catalunia is a witch. We would love for you to 
be praying against the darkness here! We also 
learned that the Catholic culture is prevalent 
but few are actual practicing Catholics. 
Additionally, there are many Muslims here.

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