Wednesday's Work!

Some start the day by hiking up hill to the local castle while other more reasonable souls stayed in bed.  Our official day starts with team devotions and announcements.  Remember the old camp song  “Announcements, announcements, announcements—a terrible death to talk to death a terrible death to die!” (Click on Pic to Enlarge!)

The remaining morning hours are for preparation and journaling.  Each student writes a journal entry and a team member personally responds.  “But I don’t speak Spanish and certainly not Catalan,” one team member wailed. And lo, Ruth appears to translate journal entries of beginning students from Catalan to English.  Ruth is a resident missionary who speaks English, Spanish and Catalan.  We all adore her.

The best part of lunch at a local cafe was crème brulee. A truly great custom, this leisurely lunch, but what happened to siesta?

Some tutor students while  others prepare for future events. Great relationships in the making.

Dinner comes in great style sometimes American and sometimes Catalan.

Students arrive at 7PM greeted with joy then lessons proceed with English grammar,  reading and live theater.  Mystery on Elm Street.  Who stole the candlestick? The official day ends with a birthday party for a team member.  Celebrated with chocolate and pastries. 

The day may be done, but who sleeps? Not this one.  

Laura tutoring!

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